Demand Response METER-IT Installations:

Created in 2006, Mad Dash’s METER-IT™ service has been utilized in thousands of demand response installations nationwide. This service is utilized by the majority of the major Curtailment Service Providers (CSPs) operating in NY, NEISO, and PJM. Mad Dash’s responsibility begins at customer sign up and commissions with end-to-end testing of the recorder(s), the auto control and the head-end software, leaving the CSP with a fully operational quantifiable portfolio.

Reasons to Choose Mad Dash for Your Auto DR Connect Installations:

  • Mad Dash has put its building automation experience to work and created Auto DR Connect as a turnkey approach to managing auto demand response installations.
  • We assist you from customer sign-up through assessment and design to end testing of the connected curtailable load. We ensure that you and your customers have a smooth installation experience and help you achieve your program goals.
  • From generator control to lighting and HVAC, Mad Dash can provide you with special assistance or full implementation, utilizing the Auto DR Connect solution already supporting successful DR programs at major Independent Systems Operators.