Midwest Utility Customer Applications Pricing Project

For this large scale residential project, Mad Dash provided fulfillment services and installed various types of in home displays and programmable controllable thermostats. Our responsibilities included logistics, call center operation for technician scheduling, equipment installation, customer education, inventory management, and troubleshooting.

Midwest Utility Direct Load Control Activities

Mad Dash provides ongoing quality control audit services through the utility’s Residential Demand Response Program or audits the operation and success of the program while ensuring continuous high quality fieldwork is performed in this program.

Smart Grid Pilot Program

Mad Dash installed gateways, plug load switches, and programmable controllable thermostats in residences. This work included logistics, scheduling, project management and reporting, equipment field testing, and post-installation call center support to troubleshoot customer issues.
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Major US Consulting Firm Residential On-Site Baseline Study

Mad Dash performed audits of household energy usage in residences across Long Island. The audits were designed to gather data regarding the presence, number, and characteristics of energy-using appliances and equipment at residences. Mad Dash’s role included consulting on the data collection form and equipment, project management, logistics, scheduling, conducting the audits, maintaining quotas, and managing the incentive supplied to the resident.
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Missouri Valley Residential Lighting, Appliance Saturation, and Efficiency Study

Mad Dash provided auditing support of the project by sending multiple field engineers to perform numerous field audits throughout the Missouri Valley. All of the audits were completed on palm computers with audit results and schedules downloaded daily.

New England Area Appliance Load Saturation Study

Mad Dash recently completed the onsite survey of residential sites throughout New England. This study included the gathering of major appliance and building envelope data, as well as water measurement at kitchen sinks and showers. The results were paired with 2,300 mail-in surveys to further calibrate and add technical detail to the sample.

National Dollar Discount Chain Stores

Mad Dash provided teams of field engineers to install building controls for a chain of national discount stores. The project involved 150 locations over a four-month period. Mad Dash’s utilization of field management software proved valuable in keeping crews on track and on time. The installations included control of HVAC functions, lighting control, and refrigeration monitoring.

Agricultural / Hardware Chain Supply Stores

For a project involving 500 locations of a nationwide agricultural supply chain, Mad Dash provided teams of field engineers to install building controls over an eight-month period. HVAC, lighting controls, and refrigeration monitoring were among the technologies they installed. Mad Dash’s field management software kept the crews and the project on schedule.

National Drugstore Chain

Mad Dash provided teams of field engineers to install building controls for a chain of national drugstores throughout New York, Connecticut, and Virginia. This project involved 100 locations over a two-month period. The installations included control of HVAC functions, lighting control, refrigeration monitoring, and interconnection to ADT Alarm systems.


Major National Evaluation Firm: Data Loggers

A major national evaluation firm contracted Mad Dash to install data loggers on air conditioning units throughout California and Toronto and Ottawa, Ontario. We completed a total of over 1,600 logger installations at small commercial sites, as well as over 300 at residential sites. Mad Dash was involved with product design and selection and was responsible for project management, logistics, scheduling, maintaining quotas, and control device data collection. In addition, Mad Dash was charged with interrogating existing DLC switches and thermostats where possible to gather additional data for the evaluation studies.
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Midwest Utility: Energy Equipment Commercial On-Site Surveys for Evaluation Consultant

Mad Dash was contracted to perform surveys of commercial sites to inventory the energy equipment used in each facility as part of a larger study on energy efficiency. Mad Dash was responsible for project management, logistics, scheduling, and performing the surveys.

Midwest Utility: Central A/C Cycling Quality Control Audits

Mad Dash performs quality control audits on a percentage of the total installs in order to verify the overall functionality of the program. The audits test for proper installation, quality workmanship, switch operation, and signal strength, and also function to examine customer perception. Mad Dash’s responsibilities include generating reports of the audit findings and providing the results for review. Mad Dash has been performing these audits since 2005.
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West Coast Utility: A/C Program Hardware Verification Protocol

Mad Dash collected data from the control devices of a selected sample of businesses to test if the devices were functioning properly. The technician used newly developed software and a laptop to collect the data at commercial and residential sites.

Demand Response METER-IT™ installations

Created in 2006, Mad Dash’s METER-IT™ service has been utilized in thousands of demand response installations nationwide. This service is utilized by the majority of the major Curtailment Service Providers (CSPs) operating in NY, NEISO, and PJM. Mad Dash’s responsibility begins at customer sign up and commissions with end-to-end testing of the recorder(s), the auto control and the head-end software, leaving the CSP with a fully operational quantifiable portfolio.

Major Midwest Utility Load Response Enhancement Program

This utility is replacing its antiquated DR system with solid state, web-based hardware. Its objectives include customer notification of reliability events and automatic dispatching of load via existing building automation systems (BAS) and/or transfer switches and generators. By leveraging the METER-IT™ process, Mad Dash is providing field management services including customer surveys, audits, installation, and end-to-end testing of all systems.

Major Midwest Grocery Chain

A major midwest grocery chain contracted with Mad Dash to install power meters and relay modules on the ATSs at approximately 90 locations. Responsibilities included scheduling coordination, installation work, testing, and final commissioning.

National Box Store Building Automation Integration

Mad Dash provided integration, installation, and end-to-end testing of dual channel relays terminated directly to existing building controls at 130 sites throughout California. Energy reductions came from temperature and lighting set-backs.