Excellence in Intelligent Field Services

It’s more than hanging a box on a wall.

Installation done poorly can doom a program even with the finest technology. Done properly with efficiency and customer care, it can pave the way for resounding program success through desired customer behavior and full equipment functionality.


Client Centered
Field Services

Your client’s satisfaction is our number one priority. From our field technicians to our inside project support staff, we empower our teams to ensure that they are helping our customers and your customers exceed their project goals.

What We Do
Problems We Solve

AMI Remediation

90% of Meter Installations are standard, 10% are difficult. Mad Dash has the seamless solutions to solve AMI deployment issues.

Commercial Demand Response

Over 80% of Curtailment Service Providers nationwide use our field services

Utility Programs Management & Support

We are the experts in helping Utility Program Managers make their technology & customer connections.

Meter Data Validation

Mad Dash expert level engineers get your meters online and keep them online

Other Field Challenges

We do more than installation. We manage a variety of field projects & will fix field problems that others have created.

Project Management Specialists

The processes we have in place support our internal team for guaranteed success from implementation to completion