Ryan Moss: Director of Technical Field Services

About Ryan:

Ryan joined Mad Dash in 1996 and was Mad Dash’s first employee. Ryan has 20 years of field experience in the installation, troubleshooting, and repair of energy monitoring and control systems in residential, commercial, and industrial settings.  Ryan’s experience is instrumental in the development of installation strategies that meets the needs and goals of Mad Dash customers.

Ryan also leads the technical team on taking the installation strategies and turning them into installation processes and procedures.  These processes and procedures are used to train all field staff to insure quality and consistency for all Mad Dash installations.  Ryan also works with the quality control team to document quality control processes to review all installation completed by Mad Dash.  Both the installation and quality control processes and procedures are highly beneficial to both Mad Dash and Mad Dash customers.

Ryan’s experience also includes demand response programs, power quality monitoring, A/C cycling programs in residential and small commercial settings, smart thermostat programs, smart grid initiatives in residential, commercial, and industrial settings, evaluation surveys, monitoring and verification projects, and direct install programs.  Ryan is proficient in many communications methods and protocols for connecting metering and monitoring hardware for data collection including but not limited to: Wi-Fi, LAN, WAN, Modbus, Zigbee, BACNet, and different wireless mesh technologies.

In his spare time Ryan enjoys camping, mountain biking, riding off road motorcycles, and traveling to new places with his family.  Almost every weekend and every vacation Ryan sneaks out so he has a story to tell about a new experience he participated in or a new place explored.