Utility Programs

Mad Dash is an expert in supporting Utility Program Managers with the gathering of information for load saturation studies, evaluations, and identification of energy management opportunities around the country.

What makes Mad Dash the Utility Programs Experts?

  • Mad Dash has a comprehensive, proven understanding of how field installations need to be set up resulting in happy customers and equipment that reliably functions.
  • Mad Dash’s approach to projects rely on our systemic methods to properly integrate each of the sometimes overlooked steps needed to achieve success for this important project.
  • Mad Dash has the relevant corporate and residential experience in seamless integration with in-house recruitment, installation planning, data tracking and project management to make any project an unqualified success.
  • Thorough installation experience with all the leading technologies.
  • Customized Scheduling, Communications, and Tracking with the customer and field personnel.
  • Timely, Interactive Delivery of project information and status.
  • Meticulous System Testing / Customer Training / Commissioning.