Commercial Demand Response

Mad Dash has a turnkey approach to the complex operations of managing demand response installations. We assist you from customer sign-up through uploading data to your Meter Data Service Provider (MDSP) or Internet-Based Communication System (IBCS). We help you achieve your program goals and ensure a smooth and professional installation experience for you and your customers.

Demand Response Installations

Mad Dash can provide you with special assistance or full implementation, utilizing our turnkey solution already supporting successful DR programs at Independent System Operators (ISOs) across the country

All Demand Response Installations Include:
• Dedicated Installation Coordinator
• Site Preparation and Hardware Installation
• Record Installation Data in Customer’s Portal
• Quality Assurance
• Materials Management and Inventory
• Order Pulse Output & Install Pulse Output
• Configure Data Stream in your platform

Monitor Connectivity and Data Health

Mad Dash will monitor the data streams and react to data quality anomalies such a spikes, drops, zeroes, or off-line situations. This could be accomplished by using our own hardware and backhaul, by duplicating the data stream on the supplier’s platform for monitoring purpose, or by some other technology to be agreed upon by the customer and Mad Dash. Mad Dash has amassed a large library cataloging the root causes of issues related to metering environments. This root cause analysis assists Mad Dash personnel in accurately and quickly assessing and correcting metering issues of all types. Mad Dash field personnel typically arrive at the repair location with a “fix in hand” based on remote root cause analysis.

Data as a Service

For customers that do not have their own hardware with backhaul via their own private networks, Mad Dash has the capability to provide 3rd party hardware and backhaul with data delivered to the customer’s API.

Mad Dash is able to capture data at one or five minute intervals with latency of five minutes. Mad Dash can provide a secure connection and follow standard security precautions and protocols to minimize risk. We offer Service Level Agreements around up-time and connectivity. Mad Dash can assure that data associated with Demand Response installations shall meet the minimum criteria as set forth in the Measurement and Verification (M&V) standards published by the utility or grid operator.